Maintaining Dental Implants Noblesville Indiana

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Last updated on August 25th, 2018 at 04:53 pm

Placement of dental implants Noblesville Indiana has become a popular option for patients seeking to improve their overall oral health. Although nearly all published data reveals the long-term stability and success of dental implants Noblesville Indiana, their susceptibility to certain disease causing conditions can sometimes ultimately lead to the dental implant being lost. This fact is sometimes overlooked by your general dentist and therefore dental implant maintenance is of utmost importance. Bacterial plaque accumulation can often result in inflammatory changes to the patients soft tissues and gums surrounding the dental implants, and this has been proven to develop the eventual deterioration of the supporting gum and tissues.

Dental Implants Noblesville Indiana Maintenance

Dental implants are somewhat different from other dental appliances, and while they are relatively easy to maintain, some special instructions and attention should be followed with the patient’s home-care procedures.

dental implants noblesville indiana maintenance

Additionally, patients typically seeking to get dental implants Noblesville Indiana often times have a history of sub-optimal or low dental care in the past. With dental implants, it is crucial to maintain the permucosal seal of soft tissue to the dental implant surface. Having and maintaining healthy bone and gum tissue around dental implants is a prerequisite to the implants success. At home maintenance programs for patients with dental implants are designed on an individual basis.

Dental Implants Noblesville Indiana Home Care

After the initial placement of the dental implant or the first step in treatment, and also following the exposure of the dental implant in the second stage of the procedure, the patient needs to be gentle with the surgical sites and sutures. Also, the cosmetic dentist Noblesville may recommend rinsing with chlorhexidine gluconate or apply it to the surgical areas with a cotton swab twice daily. Once the implant begins to heal, a new care regimen should be started. The patient should clean twice daily with a soft and gentle sulcular toothbrush. Once healing has concluded, the patient may resume using a sonic or power toothbrush as means of primary plaque-control. The patient may also use interdental brushes, yarns, flosses, and tapes dipped in chlorhexidine, 0.12% at night before bed. Needless to say, good oral hygiene is required for all natural teeth in order to maintain good oral health.

Dental Implants Noblesville Indiana Conclusion

The success of your dental implants Noblesville Indiana relies very much on your overall oral health and your maintenance of the dental implants. Controlling bacterial plaque via meticulous home-care routines, along with cosmetic dental professional maintenance utilizing the latest and best dental implant safe equipment and tools at regular dental visits, combined with proper early treatment and repair of dental implants has proven to increase the longevity of people’s dental implants.

So, there you have it. Taking care of your dental implants Noblesville Indiana is not too different than taking care of your natural teeth. It is important to brush and floss at least twice a day to maintain optimal oral health.

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