Cosmetic Dentistry Indianapolis

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Cosmetic dentistry is an important topic for a lot of folks. We all know a beautiful smile when we see one, right? Well, sort of. See, there is no perfect smile. This is because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What is beautiful to one person, may not be to another. You and your cosmetic dentist may have a difference of opinion. This is why it is important to communicate your ideal smile with your dentist or oral surgeon.

cosmetic dentistry Indianapolis

cosmetic dentistry Indianapolis

 Cosmetic Dentistry Indianapolis – The Dentist’s View

There have been studies conducted to try to determine what a dentist sees, versus what a patient sees, when looking at some beautiful smiles. Studies show that non-dental professionals tend to look at only one element of the smile. On the other hand, an experienced cosmetic dentist Indianapolis will look at the entire mouth – gums, teeth, face, bite, lips, hair, skin color, and more. They will analyze how the teeth line up, the length of the teeth, and other facial features. There is a tremendous amount of thought and skill that goes into cosmetic dentistry Indianapolis.

Yes, it is certainly important for an oral surgeon to listen to their patients. It is equally important for patients to listen to their cosmetic dentist and to understand the suggested procedures and what results they may have. This cooperation and communication will result in the best possible smile for the patient.

Patient’s View of Cosmetic Dentistry

As a patient, from the initial consultation with the cosmetic dentist, you should communicate clearly what your desired results are. While you may initially feel as if you want a “perfect” Hollywood smile, you may find such a thing to have an unnatural look. Most patients are quite pleased with a more natural, regular look and alignment, rather than a mouth full of little white squares.

 Cosmetic Dentist Consultation

During your initial consultation, you and your Indianapolis oral surgeon will discuss your goals and desires regarding your smile. You may do both an esthetic evaluation and a conventional evaluation. The conventional evaluation consists of a physical exam of your whole mouth. Everything from your teeth, gums, lips, bite, and likely x-rays will be looked at.

Some cosmetic dentists are able to offer you a preview of your proposed changes by using computer imaging. This is a great tool, as it allows you to see what your teeth could look like. This process also gives you the flexibility to make any changes that you and your dentist agree upon. Some oral surgeons may make molds of your mouth using wax or resin. These can give you a three-dimensional view of your future smile.

The bottom line is that the only way to get the best results for your new smile is through clear, open, and honest communication between you and your cosmetic dentist. Because everybody sees things from a different perspective, clear expectations must be set and agreed upon up front. This ensures that the dentist is able to deliver what is desired, and that the patient is completely satisfied with the final results.

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